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MOUT town mayhem: Marines practice life-saving skills during Squad Overmatch

By Lance Cpl. Gloria Lepko, II Marine Expeditionary Force

Marines from Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment responded to simulated combat-related emergencies during a Squad Overmatch course at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, May 1-4. The course integrates instruction in the classroom and virtual and live environments aimed at improving combat effectiveness. By building psychological resiliency, […]

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Squad Overmatch named Team Orlando Collaboration Award winner

Collaborating to save the lives of soldiers: Squad Overmatch

Last month, the Team Orlando Executive Board announced the inaugural winner of the Team Orlando Collaboration Award, recognizing Squad Overmatch Study.

obw-Squad Overmatch-2-web Squad Overmatch took part in the Operation Blended Warrior event at this year’s I/ITSEC.

Squad Overmatch […]

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Collaborating to improve warfighter performance: Squad Overmatch

By Theresa Bradley

In conventional forces, 24 percent of wounded warfighters die of potentially survivable wounds, but the 75th Ranger Regiment loses just 3 percent of its warfighters. The highly collaborative Squad Overmatch seeks to close the gap.

The Squad Overmatch (SOvM) study is a comprehensive approach to learning that explores the wide range of skills […]

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