The U.S. Army PEO STRI is the center of acquisition excellence for simulation, training and testing solutions for the Army and joint community. PEO STRI puts the power of simulation into the hands of Warfighters by developing, acquiring, fielding and sustaining cutting-edge, cross-domain and interoperable capabilities.Life-Cycle Support (Sustainment)

  • Fielded systems supported with inventory value of over $3.9B
  • Over 340,000 training devices in 19 foreign countries and 600 sites worldwide
  • Over 7,000 people around the world including Southwest Asia, Europe and Korea

Medical Simulation Training Centers (MSTC) are used to conduct standardized combat life-saver training for non-medical personnel and advanced skills training for combat medics. It teaches medical and non-medical personnel to be a Soldier first, and then a medic. A total of 23 MSTC centers are fielded to locations around the world, including Kuwait and Afghanistan.

Mobile Military Operations on Urban Terrain (Mobile MOUT) Training System is used to improve Warfighter tactics, techniques and procedures, and to conduct mission rehearsals. A transportable training system of reconfigurable shipping containers, Mobile MOUT can be assembled into urban structures that provide realistic battlefield effects, including training features such as multi-story buildings, trap doors and tunnel complexes, as well as audio and visual systems.

Warfighters’ Simulation (WARSIM) is used to increase the effectiveness of training exercises and mission rehearsals by improving the realism and scope of the available training environment. By providing practice mission-rehearsal capabilities it allows units worldwide to train using their real-world equipment. In addition, WARSIM portrays activities that occur during war and post-conflict termination, such as restoring order and providing humanitarian assistance.

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