The National Center for Simulation (NCS), a neutral, non-profit 501(c)3 member organization, provides vital coordination, communication, and integration between the Defense simulation commands in Team Orlando and the vast industry, academia, federal , state and local resources that are integral to ensuring the overall success of Team Orlando’s mission. Team Orlando, including the combined resources of industry, academia and government, are key in maintaining, preserving, enhancing, growing and advancing America’s modeling and simulation capability, applications, market, and industrial base to sustain leadership in modeling and simulation, a national critical technology as recognized by US House of Representatives Resolution 487.

NCS serves the modeling and simulation community and Team Orlando in a number of key areas:

  • Cross-Industry, Cross Domain Collaborative Research and Development: 
Identifies critical needs and opportunities for modeling and simulation in defense, healthcare, medicine, transportation and education and leads initiatives to address these critical needs.
  • Technology Transfer, Innovation, Commercialization:
 Identifies opportunities for application of traditional and non-traditional defense and commercial modeling and simulation technologies to critical needs in defense, healthcare, medicine, transportation and education and provides assistance in turning these opportunities into reality.
  • Collaboration, Communication and Information Sharing: 
Provides a vehicle for leveraging and sharing information across the modeling and simulation community by leading and supporting key conferences and events, and leveraging other information and media sources across the modeling and simulation community
  • Mission Related Services in Support of NCS Members and Team Orlando
: NCS provides mission related support services where there is an appropriate role for a neutral, non-profit, non-government organization.
  • Modeling and Simulation Education and Workforce Development
: NCS identifies critical needs and opportunities for education and workforce development to maintain America’s leadership in modeling and simulation.

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