The Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS) is the Air Force representative on the Team Orlando Executive Board of Directors.

AFAMS is the lead agent for centralized management of Air Force cross-functional and shared Live, Virtual and Constructive Operational Training (LVC-OT) foundational capabilities, and resources supporting the Air Force Service Core Functions.


Its mission is to provide seamless integration of cross functional LVC environments for operational training that allow warfighters to maximize performance and decision making. It works closely with Combatant Commands, Major Commands, the Air Force Reserve Command, the Air National Guard, the Air Force Headquarters, Direct Reporting Units and Field Operating Agencies, to provide the necessary development and implementation standards for common access and interoperability within the Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) domain for efficient and secure global operations.

Readiness Thru LVC

What is LVC?AFAMS-Readiness-Through-LVC

• Live – Real people operating actual operational weapon systems, in a typical combat training environment or scenario

• Virtual – Real people operating simulators

• Constructive – Computer generated entities, weapons, systems used to enhance the live or virtual training environment

Bottom line: LVC-Operational Training plays a critical role in maintaining Air Force readiness.

AFAMS is supported by these two divisions:

LVC Foundations Support Division: Executes Air Force-level centralized management of cross-functional and shared Air Force LVC-OT foundations (infrastructure, standards, security, knowledge management, and workforce development) to improve interoperability and prevent unnecessary duplication and redundancies across operational training enclaves. Additionally the division provides the Air Force Headquarters’(HAF) oversight of cross-functional and shared LVC-OT architecture and standards compliance for LVC operational training.

AFAMS-LVC-OT-CapabilitiesLVC Operations Engagement Division: Serves as the Air Force LVC Operational Training focal-point for facilitating the use of cross-functional and shared LVC foundational capabilities and resources in support of Air Force distributed training and LVC-OT enabled events. The division provides global engagement and awareness through direct interface with key stakeholders (Major Commands, Combatant Commands and unit level), identifying, capturing and advocating Air Force LVC-OT requirements, initiatives and capabilities for Air Force Service Core Functions. Additionally, the division provides HAF oversight of cross-functional and shared LVC-OT architecture and standards compliance for LVC operational training.

AFAMS Commander

Col Robert H. Epstein, 10th commander of the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS), is responsible for overseeing Air Force initiatives for Enterprise solutions that will help build an efficient foundation to achieve Readiness Thru LVC.

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