is our PRIORITY


    across SERVICES

  • It's about LEVERAGING

    with Innovation SOLUTIONS

  • Effectively SHARING

    Goals and VISION

  • Developing SOLUTIONS

    for Improving HUMAN PERFORMANCE

  • Making a DIFFERENCE

    at home and AROUND THE GLOBE

Unique Collaboration, Strong Team

Holding steadfast to their single goal of improving human performance through simulation, Team Orlando is a unique collaborative alliance formed by US leading military simulation commands, and supplemented, supported and augmented by academic and industry leaders in the modeling and simulation, human performance and training domains.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results

Today, Orlando is recognized as the nation’s largest cluster of Modeling, Simulation and Training (MS&T) companies, and is quickly gaining the attention of global partners as the premier MS&T resource.

Through collaboration and Service teamwork, the Team Orlando community is providing innovative, inspiring MS&T work, while being good stewards of the taxpayers’ monies. But ultimately, we are working together to prepare and strengthen our Nation’s Warfighters.


Team Orlando: They Are Ready

A feature documentary about Team Orlando’s impact on the Warfighter.

Our Members

As the central core, the primary military services, team with academic, industry and other Government agencies.

Working Together

While each has individual missions, they share a common goal of improving human performance through simulation.

Achieving More

Integrated simulation and training solutions provide a “one stop shop” to address customer requirements with the right solutions.